Client Resources

Online Consumer Reports – Click here to contact AFCTS to request your client login number giving you secure, immediate access to online consumer reports.

AFCTS Preneed Trust Administrative Forms – Now you can print frequently-used forms whenever you need them, without waiting for AFCTS to mail a supply when you run out.

To download and print AFCTS forms:

  1. Click on the form you need from the list below.
  2. Save the form on your computer so you can print a supply.  Or print the form directly from the website by using the File, Print commands on your toolbar.
  3. Make two copies of the completed, signed form.  Send (or fax) the original to AFCTS.  Keep one copy, and give one to the consumer.

Please contact AFCTS if you prefer forms sent by mail.

Billing Application Form

ACH Withdrawal Authorization

Billing Cancellation Form

Conversion Form

Change Order Form

Information/Update Form

Click each consumer brochure to view, download, and print.

Preneed Cemetery Brochure
Preneed Funeral Trust Brochure
Preneed Cremation Trust Brochure