Worldwide Travel Protection Plan

Americans are spending more and more time traveling – vacationing, on business trips, visiting family and friends.  Transport of mortal remains should death occur while traveling is a key aspect of preneed planning. 

Worldwide Travel Protection Plan membership – one call takes care of everything.  The cost of returning remains can easily exceed several thousand dollars.  The process entails managing numerous remote organizations, each with its own procedures, paperwork, and required payment.  The Worldwide Travel Protection Plan, offered for one affordable, lifetime payment, requires just one phone call to activate experienced transport service.  

  • Service by International Emergency Assistance (IEA), a team of specialized, licensed professionals available 24 hours a day to facilitate all necessary details with its worldwide network of qualified transport providers
  • Completion of all documentation, arrangement of death certificate, shipping materials, transport by ground or air, and direct payment to all vendors
  • Options to transport full bodily remains or cremated remains

 This Plan is for everyone.  Membership does not require an associated preneed contract, preneed trust or other pre-arrangement. 

  • Death care providers can offer this Plan to their pre-need consumers as a stand-alone program or as part of a comprehensive preneed plan. 
  • Consumers can contact Essential Planning Group directly to arrange Plan membership.

Download our Travel Brochure.