Prospective Clients

Preneed Master Trust-AFCTS/APCS

American Funeral & Cemetery Trust Services (AFCTS) and American Prepaid Cremation Service (APCS) are full-service preneed and endowment care master trust programs for funeral homes, cemeteries, and cremation providers, offering qualified trustee and depository, professional investment management, and experienced master trust administration – all for one competitive, all-inclusive fee.

Endowment Care Master Trust

Cemeterians increasingly look to their endowment care fund earnings to help meet the costs of grounds and facilities maintenance. Essential Planning Group offers two endowment care trust funds to help cemeterians maximize income while ensuring safety.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

Our TPA service enables you to use our acclaimed expertise in cash and records management if you are a funeral home, cemetery, or cremation provider that prefers to use your own custodian banks, trustees, and investment managers.

Worldwide Travel Protection Plan

Today, everyone is on the go. Business trips. Family visits. Vacations. Spending time in a second home. Yet few plan for an unexpected death while far from home. Arranging for transport of mortal remains should death occur while traveling is a key part of final death care arrangements.

The Worldwide Travel Protection Plan offers a simple yet comprehensive way to facilitate transport and cover the costs required to return the deceased to the desired funeral or cremation provider, should death occur more than 75 miles from the home of record.